I first became involved with the Fallingbrook community in 1985. At that time, it was a very small new community east of Queenswood Heights. Since then, the area has fully developed with beautiful parks, pathways, rinks and even a joint agreement to share a community center with a local elementary school. They are also home to the Ray Friel Complex, which houses the Cumberland Bandits of the Central Junior C Hockey League.(add weblink) The Fallingbrook Community Association is run under the strong leadership of Zybina Richards.  The community organization led by key volunteers comprises of Marc Cappelli, David Villeneuve, Eric Tousignant, Don Pottier, Paul Pelletier and George Blake. This group of dedicated volunteers were instrumental in having the first ever Canada Day celebration in Orléans; it blossomed to the point where it got too big for the original Ray Friel site. This small organization hosted upwards of 25 000 visitors to the yearly event. They have also held volunteer’s appreciation events as well as a community awareness days. I admire their hard work and dedication and I am sure they will have continued success

To contact the FCA please see their website: www.fallingbrook.com or email Zybina.


Map of Orleans