Queenswood Heights

“We moved to Queenwood Heights in 1983 and we still reside at same house that we purchased at that time.  This community was going through new growth yet it was a very established sector of the Orléans community, which  was developed before the onslaught of development further east.  As a new resident, I helped start Neighborhood Watch with Pete Weston, who was the leader in promoting this service.  Peter is still involved today and he gives seminars on how to succeed in starting a successful Neighborhood Watch program. 

I was also involved in the Queenswood Heights Community Association who had leaders such as Frank Stacey, John Murphy, Dave Lewis, John Morgan, Steve Blais, and the president Philippe Berthiaume.  These leaders were involved in developing the community, as we know it today.  Other people who have left their mark on this community are Al and Helen Tweddle who were instrumental in getting all parks and nature trails developed in Queenswood Heights.  Today they continue to be active with Friends of Petrie Island and have been leaders in our community.  One problem in recognizing the individuals is that we can’t name everyone, but I’d like to close with Lori Nash.  She has been a leader and very important person getting a history book for Cumberland Township.  I was proud to serve as Queenswood Heights Councillor from 1985 to 1991 and I was glad to see this community develop to what it is today.  I am also proud to see our community evolve into more of a mature community but still have a good mix of new families to keep the community vibrant.  In fact, every winter night, you can see Al Tweddle watering our local rinks.”

You can contact the QHCA at www.queenswoodheights.com.


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