“This is a new community that borders Chatelaine Village.  It is comprised of young families and the founding president was Robert Paiement followed by Melanie Weatherall, Brian Roberts, Tom Breuer and today Pam Hawley.  Even if this community is new, they are very active in monitoring the areas development and the planning of the future growth east of their community. 

They are also very involved in the North Service Road Pathway.  They have just recently participated in a tree-planting day and were also involved in getting park benches to increase the pathways usability to local residents.  Another person who is instrumental in developing the future of this community is Tom Breuer who provides a wealth of information on future planning.  He was the first person that contacted our office regarding the community gardens.  This community wants to make sure that all future growth is well balanced and I am glad to have them as partners in all potential development.  One of the biggest battles the community encountered was the Ashcroft Development on Rossignal Cres, they had Council support but the end result was that it amended at the OMB event.  The community didn’t want to change the zoning of employment land to residential, even if we lost that battle, our efforts provided some compromise on the development and now the community is accepting this expansion as part of their community.”

Map of Orleans